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For the convenience, safety, and well being of our guests, CNG Country Cabins
has developed a No Smoking, Cancellation and Quiet Time policy for our cabins.

Smoking  There is a considerable cost involved with cleaning a cottage that has been smoked in, to provide a clean environment for future guests. Having said that if smoke fumes are detected when guests depart, a Cleaning Charge of $250.00 will be taken from the Credit Card used to hold the reservation.

*Note it is the responsibility of the person who held the reservation with the Credit Card to ensure the policy is followed. If someone in your party smokes inside the cabin, your Credit Card will be debited the fee. Smoking will be permitted on the grounds and decks of the cottages, and ashtrays will be provided on the decks.

Cancellation Policy  It is a big commitment from us to take one of our cabins off the Vacancy Line to hold a reservation for you during our very short rental season. It is virtually impossible to fill a vacancy on short notice. We appreciate your commitment to us and we will ensure your cabin is held and ready for your arrival. A 20 % deposit is payable at the time of the reservation. The remaining 80% is to be paid in full 14 days prior to arrival.
There is a $35.00 Administration fee for any cancellation made 30 days prior to your stay. You can cancel your reservation any time before 30 days prior to your stay without penalty except for the $35.00 Administration Fee. If you have to cancel your reservation for any reason within 30 days prior to but not within 14 days(336 hrs) prior to your stay, the 20% deposit or 20% of any portion of the booking cancelled, will be non-refundable. For a cancellation 14 days (336 hours) prior to arrival the entire amount of your stay will be debited from your card and 3pm of the day you are arriving will be used to determine the time line. There will be no refund of any kind if you have to cancel within 14 days (336 hrs) prior to your stay as it is very difficult to rebook if your cabin has been held for you with this short of notice. Early departures will be treated as a cancellation and are non-refundable.

Fire Works  Fireworks are not allowed to be set off on the property.

Visitor Policy  Visitors are not allowed during the Country Music festival. You are allowed to have visitors any other time during your stay but they must depart our premises by 10 PM.

Profane Language  Because the majority of our guests are families with children within earshot of your decks and cabin, we will not tolerate cursing or swearing at any time.

Quiet hours - We do not allow parties.  It is a priority for us to make sure your stay is comfortable. The majority of our clients who stay with us are families with small children. We strictly enforce quiet hours from 11pm to 7am. This includes the Fire Pit, your personal decks, and the grounds in general. Any guest that refuses to follow the quiet hours and continually disturbs other guests will be asked to leave the property and will be treated as an early departure and will not be refunded. Low background music is fine but has to be turned off at 11pm. It is expected at 11pm that all outdoor activity is finished, and everyone moves in door. If you are sitting on you deck past 11 pm you are required to talk in low voices in order not to disturb other guests that may be sleeping. The staff of CNG will politely let you know if you are being disruptive twice before we ask you to leave.

Arriving and Departing Check in is any time after 3PM on your date of arrival. Check out is 10AM on your date of departure. As we have a very limited blanket of time to prepare for the new arriving guests and we need to complete a lot of cleaning, it is imperative that you be checked out by 10 AM on your date of departure. The only thing we request is that the cabin be left neat and tidy, the floors swept, garbage removed and that you have the dishes cleaned or if your cabin has a dishwasher if you could please have it full and running as the cabins are housekeeping units.
There may be unforeseen circumstances or damage from previous guests, and your cabin may not be ready at 3:00pm. Our staff will do our best to have your cabin ready for you in a timely manner. CNG Country Cabins is not responsible for any costs associated if the cabin is not ready for a 3:00pm check-in.

Pets Well behaved, friendly dogs are welcomed at a rate of $20.00 per dog - per day - per cabin. (PLEASE NOTE… If you book a cabin and bring a dog, there is a $20.00 fee for the extra cleaning in your cabin. BUT If you book a cabin and bring a dog then take your dog over to visit two other cabins where you may have friends here, the fee would be $60.00 per day as we would need to complete the extra cleaning required in the visited cabins as well.) We do require your dogs to be leashed on the grounds and please poopy scoop up after. Dogs are not allowed on the furniture or beds in your cabin as the dog hair is difficult to clean for the next guest. If it is found your dog damaged the cabin or was allowed on the furniture or beds, a $100.00 cleaning fee or necessary replacement of damages fee, will be charged to the Credit Card for steam cleaning the furniture and bedding or replacing the bedding if necessary and unfortunately anything damaged beyond repair will have to be replaced. If your dog misses you and continuously barks in your absence and is disturbing to other guests, you will be required to take them with you, or make arrangements to have them kenneled.
** Please note, dogs are the ONLY pets welcome.

Damage   Of course there is no charge for normal wear and tear of the cabin and 99.9% of guests are never charged but Occupants are responsible for any damage to the property and have agreed to pay all costs for repair or replacement of the damaged item. Occupants are expected to respect and care for said property. You are required to report any damage immediately so owners have time to repair the damage prior to the next guest and billing can be discussed. Each cottage is inspected and inventoried on the day of departure. If there is any damage on the day of arrival, it's the guest responsibility to notify the owners immediately in order not to become liable for the damage. Here are some common reasons for deductions( but not limited to) these examples: broken or missing inventory, spills or stains, holes or tears in the furniture, non removable stains on sheets, towels, pillows, mattresses and pads, and furniture ( blood, bleach, marker, urine, soiled), damaged screens and doors. There is a $100.00 fee to have any mattress cleaned if someone accidentally urinates or soils on a mattress.

Late Check Out  There is a $50.00 late check-out or early check in fee. Any early or late check in or outs must be arranged 2 days (48 hrs) prior to your arrival/departure date.

Animals  We have some animals on site for your viewing pleasure. No one is to feed or enter any pen or paddock at any time unless authorized and supervised by the owner. Although our animals are well behaved, they will spook like any other animal so caution is required . Our animals are very friendly but may accidentally nip or bite so please do not feed the animals without our supervision.

Items Left Behind  Please check your cottage prior to your departure. If you request any item(s) be returned it will be done with a $15 service charge plus the cost of packing and shipping (COD). CNG is not responsible for any items left behind.

Occupancy per Cabin   Our rates are based on the following:
  • 2 people in our 1 bedroom cabin
  • 4 people in our 2 bedroom cabins and
  • 6 people in our 3 bedroom cabins
Each cabin can have a maximum of two additional people than the above stated at a rate of $15.00 per night per person

Pool  Our outdoor pool will be open from the July 1st - August 31 (9:00AM to Dusk)

If you booked on line you would have agreed with our policies and would have received an emailed confirmation and you do not have to send us this form.

If you are booking through us please just fax back the confirmation form below to confirm your booking - Our Fax 902 672 1620

No Cabin is booked through us without receipt of the Confirmation Form below. We cannot control online bookings so please fill out and return this form as quickly as possible to ensure your reservation.

Confirmation Form*
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